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    A Czech company known around the world. Manufacturers of crystal glass of world renown represented in Poland by Kano. A well-known Czech company of producers of high quality crystal glass products manufactured using modern and ecological technologies. Steelworks located in the region famous for glass-making traditions dating back to the 16th century. The industrial history of the region and the large number of small workshops and steelworks in the area have given many qualified employees. Bohemia's top-of-the-line gift sets and table glass from Czech glass quickly made it possible to acquire a world-famous brand. Since the beginning, Kano has been representing Bohemia in Poland.history of the region and the large number of small workshops and steelworks in the area have given many qualified employees. Her favorite gift sets and table glass from Czech glass, which she co-branded, quickly brought the brand to world renown. Since the beginning, Kano has been representing Bohemia in Poland.


    Luigi Bormioli An Italian company from Parma, creates beautiful and elegant glass products using the rich traditions of the region.The company was founded in 1946 by Luigi Bormiola, who led it until it gained international significance. His family continues this mission and continues to maintain the traditions of Italian crafts. As a leading manufacturer, it introduces new product technologies and creates beautiful, top-quality glass.


    RCR Cristalleria Italiana is the most important Italian manufacturer of exclusive glass products. The brand's vision is to be the most innovative supplier of high-quality crystal and glass that is the epitome of Italian design. The products are created with passion and attention to even the smallest details. RCR is the quality of materials used, processes used in production and their final effect - products that are one of the best.RCR Cristalleria Italiana was founded in 1967 by combining two existing CALB and La Piana companies famous for the production of handicrafts. A few years later, the company successfully launched international expansion, conquering Europe, Asia and North America. The company's headquarters and factory is located in the Tuscan countryside, a crystal basin of Europe.


    KROSNO is a synonym of the highest quality since 1923. One of the largest manufacturers of household glass in Poland, a supplier valued in over 60 global markets.The KROSNO brand takes users to a world where sophistication, beauty and quality are the most important values. We are inspired by the lives of modern people, but we do not forget about history and tradition. We draw our ideas from the diversity of the places and people around us. We value simplicity and minimalism, thanks to which our designs are a perfect complement to interior arrangements of various character. It all makes every KROSNO product so special.
    Almost 100 years of the history of perfect craft, famous for attention to every detail made today KROSNO an icon of Polish glass, appreciated in the country and the world for quality, beauty, refinement and crystal clarity. We owe this success to the work of many generations of artists and craftsmen who, with passion and commitment, created exceptional and lasting things. Drawing from our tradition, we remain open to what is new. Thanks to this, each year our glass becomes more beautiful, more durable and even more diverse. The KROSNO brand hides a wide range of products distinguished by functionality, craftsmanship and timeless design. Our international showcase is glass formed by traditional manual method. Customers also highly value the glass formed automatically, which we offer in excellent quality and competitive prices. For business customers around the world, we create custom-made products, offering a full range of services: from design to the final product. KROSNO glass is created by masters in its trade: artists-steelworkers, designers, grinders and ornamenters. It is thanks to them that each product combines unique design, craftsmanship and the latest technological developments. The method developed over the years allows us to achieve impeccable colorlessness of the glass mass, and the quality control team is responsible for the reliability. Our products are made at the Krosno Glass smelter in south-eastern Poland. The plant is equipped with efficient production lines for glass forming by mechanical method. The pride of the company is the impressive metallurgical furnaces along with the infrastructure designed for smelting and forming the most beautiful models of glass hand-made by artists-steelworkers.

    One of the leading manufacturers of crystal products in the world, a trademark guaranteeing the highest level of quality and price. Keeping over 350 years of tradition in making glass, he manufactures goods for people who appreciate the beauty of glass
    crystal, functionality and aesthetics of forms created by designers.

    Under the trademark SIMAX, the borosilicate glass produced by Sklarny Kavalier is registered. In 1837, the factory with the longest history in the technical glass industry was established. The Sklarny Kavalier company, as early as in the 1930s, was the first to make attempts to manufacture borosilicate glass. Gradually, there was a dynamic technological development, especially in the years 1950-1980. Thanks to achieving the right technological level and comprehensive know-how, Kavalier is one of the leading producers of technical glass, pressed and blown products for domestic use and glass pipes. Simax glass produces a large number of glassware, industrial appliances and brewing glass. They are products valued all over the world due to their properties. It meets the highest requirements in terms of temperature and chemical resistance, neutrality to preparations found in the medical, food and energy industries, microbiology, pharmacy and metallurgy. The surface of SIMAX glass products is smooth, non-porous, corrosion-resistant and homogeneous. The high resistance of SIMAX to sudden changes in temperature is achieved by a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, a low elastic tensile force and relatively high thermal conductivity.


    The Italian company Vetrerie Riunite S.p.A was founded in 1905 in Turin. Manufactures a variety of glassware. The Vetri della Venezie belonging to it - Vidivi sells a specially designed line of household products, including glass tableware. Vidivi is a brand whose products combine artistic form and creative design with the quality of materials.

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